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TruckerSucker is the online social home and dating app for REAL TRUCKERS and REAL MEN. Our format was developed for gay, bi or straight truckers seeking friendships or dating and more. Standard membership is FREE, VIP membership is affordable. Your main image must be of your full face, no masks and rated G. Cartoon avatar images and masks are not acceptable. Members using images that do not comply are quickly removed and blocked from our service.

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Welcome to the TruckerSucker community! It's Free to signup, FREE to send and receive messages. TruckerSucker is a dating app for real men, masculine men, blue collar men and is not limited to truckers only. Our community is friendly, manly and real. If you are a bot, get lost, if you are a scammer go elsewhere, we quickly remove bad players and fake profiles.

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No matter what your looking for we have it all! Masculine men, discreet men, rural men, dating, friendship, companionship. A masculine discreet gay and bisexual men's community. It doesn't matter if you are a truck driver or a sucker for a trucker, or just an ordinary guy that happens to be gay or bi, you are welcome here in our community. TruckerSucker is a discreet community where our members are a bit less out and a bit more rugged and manly than typical gay dating apps. Sign up and log in and discover a world where gay men are masculine and discreet and friendly, a community where gay men defy stereotypes. TruckerSucker is the online community where it is okay to be in the closet or simply living a life that is not wholly focused on the gay scene. Our scene is ordinary working man, our culture is truckers and their admirers, we may be slightly rural yet the city isn’t that far away. The TruckerSucker community serves as the world’s documentary of the masculine non-scene gay trucker “over the road” culture. Don’t worry, if you have read this far, you will fit in just fine.


Send and receive private messages, use our real time chat feature, form friendships and meet truckers, blue collar men and ordinary masculine gay and bi guys!



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Maintain a safe and accurate location using the address of the nearest truck stop so that Truckers can locate you when on the road.

What people say about TruckerSucker!

Testimonials from real members.

I met my match

By Asphalt Cowboy - April 24, 2012

After driving truck for twenty years and meeting thousands of men I finally met a match on Truckersucker. I never thought I would meet someone to settle down with yet we went to New York and got married last month. We are removing our profiles yet I want to say thanks for making everything possible

Truckersucker has me hooked

By MSPdave - May 26, 2020

Truckersucker has me hooked, It took me a bit to get the navigation down but now I am cruising and meeting great guys. it is more than swipe left swipe right and takes a few minutes paying attention to learn the ropes.

I don’t think drivers can be expected to be out just quite yet

By BCdriver- February 13, 2020

I don’t think drivers can be expected to be out just quite yet. “Pride” is for white collar downtown sophisticates, not butch rural blue collar men like me. Being cautious after a few close calls I dumped a few other apps and only meet on TruckerSucker now.